• OSEA Essential Hydrating Oil

    OSEA Essential Hydrating Oil

    OSEA Essential Hydrating Oil is an amazing product that hydrates and protects facial skin.  I used this oil during a windstorm and bomb cyclone and was pleasantly surprised at its effectiveness.  It glides on effortlessly with products from other skincare lines, and works perfectly with make-up.  I love this product and recommend it! OSEA Essential Hydrating Oil Ingredients According to the OSEA website, the ingredients are as follows: Natural Derived Ingredients:  *Macadamia Ternifolia (Macadamia) Seed Oil, *Sesamum Indicum (Sesame) Seed Oil, *Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Citrus Aurantium Bergamia (Bergamot) Fruit Oil, Thuja Occidentalis (Cedar Leaf) Oil, *Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil, Pelargonium Graveolens (Geranium) Flower Oil, *Citrus Medica Limonum (Lemon)…

  • Bracelet from the "little words project"

    Lessons From The Little Words Project

    The Little Words Project sells bracelets, chokers and other accessories with inspirational messages.  The Project designed the jewelry to help women cope with difficult issues in their lives.  One woman wears a bracelet (or other piece of jewelry) until she no longer needs it.  The original wearer then passes it on to another woman who needs it.  Wearers can register the bracelet on the Little Words Project website along with the struggles that they have overcome. The Little Words Project founder established the program in “hopes of inspiring a culture of kindness among women young and old.”  Messages such as “Blessed,” “Breathe,” “Grateful” and “Smile” are combined with beads and…

  • Fashion

    Diverse & Fresh Fashion Presented During NYFW

    At Acquired Taste In Fashion, we love to celebrate innovative, diverse and fresh fashion.  Fashion inspires us and helps us to develop our personal style.  Elucid Magazine’s Fashion Hub Fashion & Beauty Expo provided an amazing showcase during New York Fashion Week (NYFW) at the New York Fire Museum.  The fashion show presented bold, colorful styles infused with ethnic influences with the historical backdrop as an added bonus! Christopher Michael Forbes Christopher Michael Forbes is CEO, founder and designer for Christopher Michael Clothing Company.  The company’s Facebook page says:  “Christopher Michael Clothing Company says to forget what people want us to do and has produced a line of fashion apparel…

  • Fashion

    7 Ways To Change Up Your Business Suits

    Suits remain a classic staple in professional wardrobes.  Wearing a suit is one of the easiest ways to let others know that you are an expert or a person in a position of authority.  Suits are versatile and easy clothing options that are timeless and can be worn in a variety of situations. On the other hand, I’ve heard women complain that their black, navy and gray suits are boring and dull.  If you’re one of those women, here are seven ways to change up your suits. 1. Wear Suits In Fun Colors Color can take a traditional suit to a new level of style and fun.  Traditional suit styling…

  • Fashion

    10 Ways To Wear Faux Fur

    Karl Lagerfield once said, “You cannot fake chic but you can be chic and fake fur.”  Faux fur is a fun, chic, sustainable and animal friendly way to stay warm and add your personal style to your wardrobe. 1. Faux Fur Coat The most popular way to wear faux fur may be the fur coat.  Fur coats can be worn long, short or cropped, and they come in a variety of textures and colors.  I love the burgundy tones of the faux fur coat pictured above.  It flatters my skin and feels great.  Plus, this coat was a steal at clearance price at Charlotte Russe. 2. Leg Warmers A fun…

  • Lotions, oils, shea butter and a beauty scrub for dry skin

    8 Dry Skin Strategies

    It’s been below freezing for weeks, and the bombogenesis and bomb cyclones have brought ridiculously cold weather and wind.  This weather wreaks havoc on my skin which is dry even on warm, sunny days.  Add in allergy related eczema and sensitive skin, and the wrong skincare could easily be a recipe for disaster.  In light of these cold freezes and my sensitive skin, I’ve had to focus on my dry skin strategies. 1. Select A Moisturizing Soap Keeping skin moisturized starts with soap and cleanser.  Most soaps (including ones for sensitive and dry skin) leave my skin feeling stripped and dry after I step out of the shower.  For this…

  • African Black Soap surrounded by beauty products

    6 Reasons To Use African Black Soap In Your Skincare Routine

    One of the best beauty tips I received in 2017 was to use African Black Soap.  My brothers gave me some at Thanksgiving and talked about its benefits.  It’s not everyday I get beauty tips from my brothers! I heard about African Black Soap years ago.  There were numerous reports on the soap and how great it is for the skin.  I purchased several soaps from my local drugstore and Walmart, but found them to be drying.  I recently learned that traditional African Black Soap is very different than most soaps sold in drugstores and department stores. Traditional African Black Soap West Africans have used black soap for hundreds of…

  • Candles

    5 Self-Care Goals For 2018

    I experienced a lot of success in 2017.  I successfully completed a challenging work assignment, and received a promotion.  My natural hair routine fell into place.  My plantar fasciitis healed.  Most importantly, I found peace of mind in the midst of hardship. On the other hand, I experienced a lot of stress.  Many of the positive habits I had in the past have fallen away.   My stress management needs major improvement.  Self-care needs to take a higher priority in my life.  To this end, I plan to intentionally incorporate the following self-care habits into my daily routine.  1. Meditation Meditation occurs when a person deliberately removes all thoughts and…

  • OSEA Essential Hydrating Oil
    Beauty,  Fashion

    6 Reasons To Love The Zoe Report Box of Style

    The Zoe Report Box of Style is my favorite subscription box!  Celebrity Fashion Designer and Stylist Rachel Zoe curates the Box.  The Box includes beauty products, accessories, wardrobe solutions, jewelry, home accessories and cosmetics valued at over $400.  Rachel Zoe provides standout accessories and solutions that are relevant to the season. I learned about my favorite perfume (Viva La Juicy), eyebrow pencil from IT cosmetics, and Helena Quinn kimono through the Box of Style.  My recent handbag additions and summer hat also came from the Box.  I’ve sampled numerous skincare products and discovered the benefits of Skinesque 3-Step Brightenting + Charcoal Mask. Reasons To Love The Box of Style 1.…

  • Antique Silver Layered Statement Necklace with Earrings from The AccessoReese Closet

    The AccessoReese Closet Jewelry Finds

    The AccessoReese Closet (aka the ARC) in Chicago offers fun and sassy jewelry and clothing!  Their motto is “No Plain Jane’s Allowed.”  AccessoReese’s inventory is anything but plain. I visited the ARC’s booth at this year’s Dream BIG CurvyGirl Conference.  The booth displayed bold jewelry and scarves in a variety of styles.  The display included statement necklaces with bright multicolored stones, beautifully designed oversized scarves, and sculpted multilayered strands. I scored two great necklace and earrings sets.   The Antique Silver Layered Statement Necklace with Earrings is pictured above.  I love the bold, chunky look and vintage feel of the necklace.  The silver tone and black accent stones make the…

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