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Aditya McDuffy – Blogger

I love fashion and have spent a lifetime building a wardrobe.  Along the way I have picked up strategies for building a functional wardrobe on a budget.  I am still learning and enjoying the journey!

My Story

The oldest of six kids, I was unable to buy clothes like my middle school and high school classmates.  In addition, I was plus sized and curvy, and had difficulty finding clothes that fit.  However, I never let those things stop me from wearing the styles that I wanted, and I became very creative.  I turned old sweaters into leg warmers, shopped thrift stores, and turned old prom dresses into dresses for my sorority’s semi-formal events!

I believe that fashion is for everyone!  This blog is a creative space for all women interested in fashion regardless of size, shape, age, economic status and ethnicity!

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