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Acquired Taste In Fashion Blogger wears pink blazer from boohoo
Aditya McDuffy Coston, Blogger, Acquired Taste In Fashion

I recently purchased two blazers from boohoo.  The Plus Katy Ruffle Detail Blazers (pictured) come in pink and black. The flared sleeves and ruffles provide a pleasant change from my usual workwear.  The blazers were quite a steal at 60% off the regular price.

boohoo is a global fashion retailer.  It provides a variety of fashions and sizes with inexpensive price tags. The retailer frequently sponsors sales with 50% and 60% off the regular pricing.  I learned about boohoo from lovely ladies attending the 2017 CurvyCon conference.  I am quite impressed by the items they’ve purchased from boohoo!

Black and pink blazers from boohoo

Brief Commentary on Fast Fashion

Stores like boohoo, H&M and Forever 21 provide customers with stylish (but sometimes cheap and disposable) clothing options.   They provide low cost clothing collections that change frequently and highlight current trends.  Buyers rely on them when they can’t or don’t want to spend a lot of money on clothes.   These stores are referred to as fast fashion.

Environmentalists are concerned about pollution and waste caused by fast fashion.  Some people have expressed concern about clothing ending up in landfills.

Despite the disadvantages, fast fashion remains a viable option for women with varying budgets.  It enables them to express their personal style.

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