10 Ways To Wear Faux Fur

Acquired Taste In Fashion Blogger wearing a burgundy faux fur coat

Karl Lagerfield once said, “You cannot fake chic but you can be chic and fake fur.”  Faux fur is a fun, chic, sustainable and animal friendly way to stay warm and add your personal style to your wardrobe.

1. Faux Fur Coat

The most popular way to wear faux fur may be the fur coat.  Fur coats can be worn long, short or cropped, and they come in a variety of textures and colors.  I love the burgundy tones of the faux fur coat pictured above.  It flatters my skin and feels great.  Plus, this coat was a steal at clearance price at Charlotte Russe.

2. Leg Warmers

Acquired Taste In Fashion Blogger wearing faux fur leg warmers

A fun throwback to the 80s when I was a teenager, leg warmers are a fun, easy and practical way to wear faux fur.  They can be worn with pants or skirts, and look great with boots and pumps.  The leg warmers pictured above come from A by Adrienne Landau on HSN in variety of colors.

3. Vest

Acquired Taste In Fashion Blogger wearing a tan faux fur vest

Faux fur vests are versatile and can be worn in a variety of settings.  Vests can be worn alone or over a tank top or sleeved shirt or blouse.  The vest shown above comes from Iman’s HSN line.

If you’re shy about wearing faux fur, a mixed media vest may be for you.  Mixed media pieces (with fur and other fabrics) are understated and clever ways to wear faux fur.  When mixed with a knit, fur can be easy to wear.  When mixed with leather or patent leather, the juxtaposition of the textures can create an interesting look.  I purchased the mixed media vest pictured below years ago.

Acquired Taste In Fashion Blogger wearing a gray mixed media vest with faux fur

4. Fun Colors

Acquired Taste In Fashion Blogger wearing a faux patent leather jacket with blue faux fur collar

Faux fur comes in really fun colors!  I love the jacket pictured above.  The textures of the fur collar and jacket contrast against each other to make a playful look.  This jacket was also a steal that I brought on clearance from the Who What Wear line at Target.

This is not a look that I would ordinarily wear.  Yet, I was drawn to the bright blue collar, and I am surprised at how much I love this jacket.  The color compliments my skin tone, and makes me feel good!

5. Stole

Acquired Taste In Fashion blogger wearing a black fur stole

This Unfur faux fur stole from Rachel Zoe’s Box of Style can be worn for work or play.  A stole is the ultimate scarf bringing texture and color to an outfit.

6. Hat & Scarf

Acquired Taste In Fashion blogger wearing faux fur hat and stole

You can’t go wrong with faux fur accessories in the winter.  I love the look and feel of this hat and scarf which was affordably priced at Target.

7. Cuffs

Acquired Taste In Fashion Blogger wearing faux fur cuffs

I ordered the cuffs pictured above from Amazon.  I was surprised at the impact they make on an outfit.  Their presence is definitely noticeable, making them strong accessories for any outfit.

8. Gloves

Acquired Taste In Fashion blogger wearing black fingerless gloves trimmed in faux fur

The faux fur trim on these fingerless gloves from Amazon tie nicely to the hat and scarf/stole.

9. Keychains, Clip-Ons & Other Accessories

Faux fur clip-ons and wallet with faux fur trim

If you’re still not sold on faux fur, accessories are a great way to inject fur into your wardrobe.  There are plenty of bags, purses and wallets with fur trim.  For example, the tiny wallet pictured above has a faux fur trim and is available at Target.  The fur keychains pictured above (are available on Amazon and) double as a clip-on accessory to change up your purse.

Fur shoe clips are a great way to change up your shoe game.  The shoe clips pictured below come from Wendy William’s HSN line.  They come in two different colors, and could probably be clipped on purses, belts and other accessories.

Shoes with black faux fur clips

10. Shoes

Black slides with faux fur trim

Boots with fur trim have always been popular.  However, if you live in a warm winter climate, or simply want a change of pace, try faux fur slides.  I ordered the Bzees Deja Vu Slides pictured above from HSN.

How do you like to wear your faux fur?

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