Lessons From The Little Words Project

Bracelet from the "little words project"

Bracelet from the Little Words Project

The Little Words Project sells bracelets, chokers and other accessories with inspirational messages.  The Project designed the jewelry to help women cope with difficult issues in their lives.  One woman wears a bracelet (or other piece of jewelry) until she no longer needs it.  The original wearer then passes it on to another woman who needs it.  Wearers can register the bracelet on the Little Words Project website along with the struggles that they have overcome.

The Little Words Project founder established the program in “hopes of inspiring a culture of kindness among women young and old.”  Messages such as “Blessed,” “Breathe,” “Grateful” and “Smile” are combined with beads and other beautiful elements to create the inspirational jewelry.  The jewelry also serves as a reminder of the good will and well wishes of the woman that gifted it.  As one of my friends noted, the bracelet carries positive energy.

The Little Words Project reminds us of the power of our words. We don’t have to have a bracelet to use this power.  We can send kind and powerful messages to others every day.  By being kind to one another, we can greatly improve the quality of our lives!  We can create a never ending chain of encouragement and motivation.

How do you like to see women uplift each other?

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