How To Turn Bra Straps Into Accessories

Acquired Taste In Fashion Blogger wearing bra strap covers from Sharpi's Designs.

If you’ve never been comfortable wearing a strapless bra, bra strap covers may be for you! They are a fun and easy way to transform bra straps into outfit making accessories.

Bra strap covers are strips of fabrics designed to wrap around bra straps.  They are worn over a bra’s shoulder straps or rear straps.  Slip them over your bra straps and you’re ready to go.

They come in a variety of widths, lengths and styles, and are great accessories for strapless dresses, tube tops, off-shoulder and halter tops and dresses.  Decorated with sequins, floral designs and beads, they can transform bra straps into a variety of looks.

These are a great accessory when used with open back shirts.  The bra strap cover complements or contrasts with the shirt.

Acquired Taste In Fashion Blogger wearing bra strap covers from Sharpi's Designs.


I purchased the black beaded covers shown above from Sharpi’s Designs.  The Shraps, or bra strap wraps, have velcro pleats that wrap around the bra straps.  I then pinned the ends of the Shraps to my bra or used fashion tape to secure when needed.

The PiXie Boutique has a great assortment of rear bra strap covers.  PertehStrapsByTerri, TheCrabAndTheBull and Strappys Decorative Bra Strap also sell bra strap covers.

Have you used bra strap covers?

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    1. No, I have not used or know of bra bra straps. Like Sei I like the finished look! My summer fashion options just expands. Thank you.

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