7 Ways To Change Up Your Business Suits

Suits remain a classic staple in professional wardrobes.  Wearing a suit is one of the easiest ways to let others know that you are an expert or a person in a position of authority.  Suits are versatile and easy clothing options that are timeless and can be worn in a variety of situations.

On the other hand, I’ve heard women complain that their black, navy and gray suits are boring and dull.  If you’re one of those women, here are seven ways to change up your suits.

1. Wear Suits In Fun Colors

Acquired Taste In Fashion Blogger wearing a fuschia suit from Lane Bryant.

Color can take a traditional suit to a new level of style and fun.  Traditional suit styling keeps the look serious and professional, while the color adds a fun element into the mix.  The fuschia jacket, skirt and shirt pictured above come from Lane Bryant.

2. Choose A Non-Traditional Blazer

Acquired Taste In Fashion Blogger wearing red suit from Lane Bryant with long line jacket


Suit jackets come in a variety of styles. We are not limited to traditional blazers. Moto jackets, cropped jackets and  long line jackets are great options that will look professional and expand your style choices.

The red, ponte long line blazer and pencil skirt pictured above are from Lane Bryant.  I love red and the oversized jacket is great for cold days.  The dolman sleeves are roomy and comfortable and provide visual interest.

3. Change Up The Skirt Or Pants

Acquired Taste In Fashion Blogger wearing a Lane Bryant suit with an A-Line skirt

Different style skirts and pants can be worn to change up one’s style. Pencil, A-line, midi and flared skirts can be used to change up suited looks. Alternatively, wide leg pants, slim leg pants, cropped pants, and straight leg pants can also be interchanged for style options.  The jacket and skirt pictured above come from Lane Bryant, and I have a pencil skirt that also matches the jacket.  Each skirt creates a different look.

4. Wear A Multimedia Suit

Acquired Taste In Fashion Blogger wearing multimedia suit from Lane Bryant

Mixing textures is a great way to add visual interest to a classic suit silhouette.  Ponte knit and faux suede give this Lane Bryant suit an interesting twist.

5. Pick A Pattern

Acquired Taste In Fashion Blogger wearing tweed suit from Eloquii

Tweed, herringbone, plaids and other patterns add a whole new element to suiting.  The Eloquii suit pictured above reminds me of classic Chanel and the tweed styling that remains in Chanel collections to this day.

6. Add A Scarf

Acquired Taste In Fashion Blogger wearing Vera Bradley scarf (Havanna Rose) with a black suit

This Vera Bradley scarf (in Havanna Rose) turns any basic suit into a colorful ensemble.  Scarves are a quick and inexpensive way to liven up your suits.

 7. Add Jewelry

Acquired Taste In Fashion Blogger wearing a black suit with a brooch

A brooch or bold statement necklace can completely change the tone of a suit.  Jewelry is an acceptable way to add sparkle or texture in a conservative environment.

Don’t let the classic nature of a suit fool you!  You can fine tune your suits to reflect your personal style in a professional work environment.


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